Grandma style pizzas and brewers yeast experiment

Made the two grandma style pizzas today. Both using the exact same dough made from All Trumps except one used regular Red Star Yeast and the other used Munton's ale yeast. They definitely smelled dif... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago


Here she is one of my many trials of this pie!

Salvatore C.
posted 4 months ago

Rocco was right

Shout out to the D'Arrigo brothers of Salinas, CA, for their beautiful and delicious broccoli rabe (Italian soul-food :-)). Of course, what goes better with broccoli rabe than bread?! And what is ... (more)

Maria .
posted 10 months ago

Grandma style

Did another grandma style today. This time I used a dough with starter as opposed to my last one using no starter. There was definitely a difference. The version with starter was a little lighter and... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago

New Caputo NY flour test. Grandma

Here are the results of the new Caputo NY flour. Which I found out is the Caputo Roman flour (purple bag) that's malted. It's specs says 13.25% protein that the w is 290-320. I will try and post the ... (more)

Tony Gemignani admin
posted over 2 years ago

Made my first Grandma pizza (variation on Sicilian Style Pizza)

Saturday night has turned into pizza night at my house. We just finished a delicious Grandma pizza. It’s toppings are so simple. I have to say Sicilian style pizzas are fast becoming my favorite. I’v... (more)

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Paul S.
posted over 1 year ago

Grandma in NY

I made more dough for my demo in NY. It was almost a 3 day fermentation.
I bulk fermented it from SF - NY and balled it on day 2. I used the Sicilian Dough recipe from the book adjusted the water s... (more)

Tony Gemignani admin
posted over 2 years ago

My Grandma Style

Hi all my Recent Sicilian pie aka grandma style.

Came out really nice id say!

Salvatore C.
posted 5 months ago

Stretching Grandma PIes

I always have people reach out to me about my Grandma pizzas. It's the most popular slice we have at several locations. A lot of the questions people ask me are about the pushing and rise technique... (more)

Tony Gemignani admin
posted 9 months ago