Using diastatic malt in high temperature ovens

In the Pizza Bible, there's a small paragraph about using diastatic malt. I'd like to use it for the because it makes dough easier to work with and adds flavor. But, the book says to avoid it if co... (more)

Bill Fleischer
posted almost 5 years ago

Baking Thin Sicilian at high heat

I'm following the Sweet Grandma book recipe and curious about the recommended temperature. The Grandma is not par-baked and the temp is set for 500F.
I'm modifying the recipe to reproduce th... (more)

Eric G.
posted about 4 years ago

Using a portable outdoor oven - High Temp


I recently picked up an outdoor pizza oven (Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000) that is powered by propane. This oven gets HOT, which is awesome! On a cold winter day i... (more)

M B.
posted almost 3 years ago

Neapolitan-style - Pizza Screen?

Hi Fellow Pizzamakers,

I've been using Tony's Napoletana method for several months.
When I push out the balls (approx 250g in weight) to a diameter of 30cm approx, some of the base is extremely ... (more)

Thumb basque flag
Carlo Showalter
posted about 4 years ago

Tonight's Pies

Made 4 pies tonight. Same dough for all of them: 50/50 All trumps / Caputo. 750-800F temp. 2-2.5min bake time. Overall pretty happy with the results, but happy is a relative term. :-)

Here... (more)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

Lowered the temperature to 700F on this latest pie

When using my 2Stone oven, I usually bake around 800F for ~2 minutes. The other night I decided to lower the temperature to 700F and increase the bake time to ~3 minutes. I was very pleasantly surp... (more)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

Pale white ring on inside of cornice

It's more of an aesthetic thing, but I've noticed that some of my high temperature pies have a pale white ring on the side of the cornice.

I'm curious about what the cause might be since the pie... (more)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Ciao from Sicily!!

Ciao everybody,
Been using and comparing The Pizza Bible recipes to a bunch of other recipes I have and am finding a trend. Im finding all of the Pizza Bible recipes to be limp and flat compared ... (more)

nick L.
posted almost 4 years ago