Maiden Margherita

I couldn’t wait. I went ahead and made the Margherita. I had the master dough w/o starter in the fridge, fresh basil & mozz & the San Marzanos (Vantia DOP). (How did they get there?!) A bible req... (more)

Maria .
posted about 1 year ago

wood-fired Margherita

So Jim Baugh from here got me thinking that I’ve really gotta try a wood-fired pie. Luckily, it wasn’t that hard to do. So off I went on my lunch hour to Muttontown (highest per capita income in th... (more)

Maria .
posted 11 months ago

thin crust margherita soggy in the center

Thin crust margherita soggy in the center please help and give me guidance or direction

dj B.
posted 8 months ago

be a gypsy get around get your feet up off the ground
1. didn't go to home location
2. didn't get grandma (per PB)
3. must continue research ;-)

Maria .
posted 12 months ago

Another batch using AT flour

Tried my best to open them up perfect heh practice practice!

I must say I am completely blow away in the quality of the crumb and overall crust/dough just using all trumps, my family and I really ... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted 6 months ago

One of my first Margheritas ever made

Not so long time ago I added the post about my first electric pizza-oven ever. And here's one of my first Margheritas. What do you think, guys? Does it look good enough?
Used classical AVPN dough re... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted 7 days ago

food safety

Hello, I accidentally left a half-pound of sliced Margherita pepperoni out on the kitchen counter overnight, -unrefrigerated for about 11 hours. Our overnight temp in the house is usually around 65-6... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted almost 2 years ago

Pizzeria Bufalina Austin TX

I was in Austin, Texas this weekend and was fortunate enough to get to try the Margherita at Bufalina. Wow. I was absolutely blown away. This was easily one of the best Neapolitan pizzas I've had.... (more)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 2 years ago

Problems with the neapolitan style margherita pizza

Hello fellow pizzaiolos!

I own the pizza bible and I love the neapolitan style pizza margherita. But my attempts wasn't that successful. Actually the pizza looks better than it tastes ;)

I actu... (more)

Thomas S.
posted over 1 year ago