My Grandma Style

Hi all my Recent Sicilian pie aka grandma style.

Came out really nice id say!

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

National Salami Day

NSD on September 7th sparked this contribution. Thin crust with a similar dough to Tony Gemignani's Master Dough.

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Mike K.
posted about 2 years ago

Scaled Master Recipe Double Check

First time scaling up a recipe using the percentages. Essentially, I'm looking to take the Master Recipe Without Starter and make 3 pizzas with it since that's what our family typically eats, but my ... (more)

Jay B.
posted almost 4 years ago

Master Dough w/starter - degas or not

Hello -

I am following master dough with starter recipe and have the following question.
I noticed that there is no degas after 24 hours of fermentation and that the dough is balled after 20 min... (more)

Roman K.
posted over 4 years ago

First Post

Hello! This is my fist post and I want to share with all of you guys the best pie I've made so far! I live in the Dominican Republic, and the weather there is very hot and humid, so for this pizza I ... (more)

Fernando Sanchez
posted over 3 years ago

Autolyse question...

Thank you for this great community! I am new here, but excited to contribute! I have a question…
I have been using the master Dough recipe with a poolish and have been pretty happy with the ... (more)

James F.
posted about 4 years ago

Is my dough over-proofed? (Master dough w/o starter)

Hi all, this is my second attempt at the Master Dough without starter and I'm loving the process and results! However, I suspect that my dough is over-proofed and would appreciate any tips. Details b... (more)

Ashwin C.
posted 8 months ago

Can't get smooth dough balls

I'm fairly new to pizza; I've probably only made the master dough (without starter) three or four times. I am following measurements and steps to the letter, but when it comes time to ball the dough... (more)

Nicholas S.
posted 7 months ago

Master Dough Fermentation

I am probably being too obsessive, but I would like to understand the fermentation a little better. I had fine success with my first master dough without starter the other day. I now have four batch... (more)

Ken K.
posted almost 5 years ago


LUV The Pizza Bible! Hubby and I have been frequent diners at Tony's North Beach Pizza at the Graton Casino in Rohnert Park ever since it opened. His Pizza Margherita is best outside of Italy. I have... (more)

Kathryn Wickstrom
posted over 2 years ago

Dough too thin

Should the master dough be soft/wet and tough to handle? The results taste great but once I've spread the dough it's so soft I can't even think of picking it up to put on the peel.

Steve J.
posted almost 2 years ago

Master Dough Without Starter is Sticky


First time poster, long time pizza consumer. I've been making pizzas for awhile now, but just recently discovered the amazing Pizza Bible. I tried the master dough without starter and found... (more)

Andy D.
posted about 4 years ago

Timing of salt in master dough

Can someone explain to me why the salt is added prior to the 20 minute rest period in the master dough with starter recipe and not after the rest period? Does adding salt before the rest period affec... (more)

Robert R
posted over 3 years ago

My dough is torn


I have made my dough using the master dough recipe. After balling I have noticed that the dough is torn like moon craters.

I attach a picture. I did not use the recommended flour because I... (more)

Vasilis E.
posted over 4 years ago

Cal-Italia: Best Pizza Ever!

Isn'I the Cal-Italia just the best pizza ever!!! I made it last night. I just could not believe the absolute beauty in the combination of flavors and how wonderful the pizza tasted. The cheeses, t... (more)

Carolyn G.
posted about 3 years ago

Tonight's Pizza -- My new Bakers Pride Countertop and Tony's dough

Yesterday I picked up a mini Baker's Pride oven. Boy was I excited to try it. Tonight I cooked up my first pie using Tony's dough. 6:30 bake at 575. I was very pleased with the results, though I won'... (more)

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Over-fermented starter?

I've been making my master dough with poolish these past weeks with good results. And I often use sourdough starter (100% hydration) as well with similar results. But the thing with using sourdough s... (more)

Yoppi Tan
posted almost 4 years ago

Dubliner Pizza

I made Tony’s Dubliner pizza tonight for the first time. I made the corned-beef yesterday and made the Russian dressing and fresh coleslaw early this morning. The pizza uses Dubliner cheese, corned-b... (more)

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Paul S.
posted over 3 years ago

Experience on flour and (master) dough

Hi all,
in the following, I would like to share my experiences and findings also regarding claims such as

"It's all about great typo 00 Italian flour if you want great handling dough and Pizzas ... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted almost 3 years ago

Master Dough just sweats me crazy

Hi there,
I need help with Tony s master dough.
Although I strictly keep to his recipe, this master dough it's really hard to work with:
it is wet, sticky and does not at all look like the doughs... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted about 3 years ago

Pizza Bible Sundays, a new FB group for sharing your creations, experiences and photos from The Pizza Bible!

I recently created a Facebook group called Pizza Bible Sundays, an open and free forum where members bake their way through The Pizza Bible.

Please join us - to share your experiences (good and ... (more)

Sharlene M.
posted over 4 years ago

Eggs in Purgatory pie

Eggs in Purgatory on this soulful day (9/11). Not bad for a counter-top toaster oven.

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Maria .
posted about 2 years ago

First Time Impressions with The Pizza Bible

Just completed my first attempt at The Master Class recipe from TPB yesterday and wanted to toss out my impressions for others looking to give it a shot.

First off, I've been making homemade pizza... (more)

Jay B.
posted almost 4 years ago

Handling and stretching doughs from Pizza Bible

Hi there,

I bought the PB a couple of months back and have so far only tried out the master dough and neapolitan dough (for use with my new wood fired oven :-) ).

Compared to doughs I've tried ... (more)

Byron Buck
posted over 2 years ago

AB485: All light, all love, pie

This pie was inspired by a tweet from the Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, in support of CA’s bill AB 485 Pet Rescue & Adoption Act--designed to put pet mills out of business & encourage shelter adoptions.... (more)

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Maria .
posted about 2 years ago

Sweet Sausage Pie with Tony's Pizza Bible Recipe

First attempt at making homemade sausage from Tony's Pizza Bible. It was easy and very wonderful. I was surprised to learn to put the sausage on the pizza raw, great tip. My husbands all time favo... (more)

Gail Churinetz
posted over 4 years ago

2000g. Big Batch of Master Dough mixed by hand

Tuesday: Made the Poolish

Wednesday: Mixed the dough and did a bulk ferment overnight in the fridge.

Thursday: Degassed the dough and portioned out the dough balls, 8oz. Each

The ... (more)

posted about 3 years ago

8" personal pie

stumbled into the 8"er, but I think there's something to it. The size reminds me of school lunch pizza & even the tiny little pizza you could make in an Easy Bake Oven. lol

29 degrees & my poor b... (more)

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Maria .
posted almost 2 years ago

This is what you get when you follow instructions

Tony's flour, buffalo mozzarella and a Blackstone pizza oven. One of the best I have ever made. Thank you Tony.

adam S.
posted over 4 years ago

First pizza bake

Got my book on Friday. Bought ingredients on Saturday. Made the dough on Sunday. Dough balls, sauce, garlic oil on Monday. Baked my first pizzas on tuesday. Success! Very happy with finished product... (more)

David Baumgartner
posted 8 months ago

Dough Trouble

Hello pizza community. I'm a big fan of Tony's. I ate at his North Beach restaurant many times when I lived in San Francisco. I bought his previous collaborative book co-authored with Diane Morgan a... (more)

Brian Dietrich
posted about 4 years ago

1st attempt master dough too, wet!

I have been making pizza dough since I was 5 y/o. I followed the master dough recipe to the letter and the resulting dough was too wet to work with. 225g cold H2O + 70g warm H2O + 5g EVOO = 300g liqu... (more)

John Pelicano
posted over 4 years ago

Very Sticky Master Dough, Wouldn't Slide off of Peel

First, let me say I love the book. I am SOOO looking forward to making some Detroit-style!!!!

I have a question about how "sticky" the dough should be at each stage. I realize this dough is high i... (more)

William Oberacker
posted almost 3 years ago


Did a little Easter appetizer. I usually call this pepperoni bread but I guess it is actually a stromboli or pepperoli. Master dough with starter with All Trumps and I used Red Star Champaign yeast (... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

Pizza newbie

Master class pizza tonight. I need to work on my shaping and tossing but the dough was
outstanding, nice chew, great sauce. And the boys loved the "pizza bones". I'll keep working at it.
Thanks... (more)

Larry Wagner
posted almost 5 years ago

SALUTE to the P-Unit!

Big Congrats to Tony and team on another successful Pizza Expo in Vegas!

Matt with the big WIN! Bringing home another trophy to Capos.

Another pizza night well done i think.

Made Master... (more)

posted over 3 years ago

First batch of poolish

Hey all,

Decided to show you guys my progress. Made a poolish 19 hrs ago. Not sure if it came out right but it seems to look good. What do you guys think??

Going for a 26-30 hr batch fermentati... (more)

Gil W.
posted over 4 years ago


My family always deep-fried calzones, and they still do. Better than baked. It's a little tricky, though, because they can develop a hole or open up at the seam, and you lose the filling. So I jus... (more)

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Maria .
posted about 2 years ago

Dough Storage for Slow Rise

The one thing I consistently have trouble with is dough storage. I have been using a dough tray and plastic wrap to story, but removing the plastic wrap from the dough is always difficult once the ba... (more)

M B.
posted over 2 years ago

Ciao from Sicily!!

Ciao everybody,
Been using and comparing The Pizza Bible recipes to a bunch of other recipes I have and am finding a trend. Im finding all of the Pizza Bible recipes to be limp and flat compared ... (more)

nick L.
posted almost 4 years ago

Tony's Artisan 00 and Malt

Just received Tony's 00 Artisan flour and made master dough with poolish for NY style pizzas this weekend. It's outstanding! After many other flours I've tried this one hits just the right crust cons... (more)

Mike Klein
posted about 1 month ago