First pizzas from The Pizza Bible

Dough was from pg.22, sauce was New York-New Jersey on pg.28, finished with garlic oil from pg.29, cheese was fresh mozzarella (grated, easier said than done) I made 3 pizzas. The first two in 500 de... (more)

Sammy Here
posted almost 5 years ago

Paneangeli Mastro Fornaio Yeast

I have started experimenting with Paneangeli Mastro Fornaio yeast (found it on Amazon). Imparts a nice flavor vs Flesichman's or similar. Anyone else using it? Tips?

Richard Y.
posted almost 2 years ago

New Jersey Style pizza sauce

I was lucky enough to find an acquaintance who has an account at Restaurant Depot. I was able to get my hands on a can of Stanislaus 7/11 and Big Red paste. I'm planning to use the entire can for a p... (more)

Ed C.
posted almost 4 years ago