NY Style Help

I am so confused lately and am getting to much mixed advice.. I am following the recipe for master dough;

100% flour All Trumps
65% water
1% yeast ADY
2% salt
2% malt
1% oil

People te... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted 6 months ago

Another batch using AT flour

Tried my best to open them up perfect heh practice practice!

I must say I am completely blow away in the quality of the crumb and overall crust/dough just using all trumps, my family and I really ... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted 5 months ago

Three different Styles in Two Ovens - finished at the same time

Hi there,
last Sunday, we had family over for lunch and a couple weeks back, I took their orders with regards to
1) Crust: thick, thin, crisp, soft
2) Rim: yes/no, raised or not, thick or thin
3... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted 4 months ago

Why my dough always dry out ?

Hi everyone ,

I mix and knead the dough follow most of the pizza bible procedure.I put some drops of water on the top of the dough to keep it wet ,and then put the dough into a airtight container ... (more)

Ted Sin
posted 19 days ago

Another pizza down

Always trying to perfect many aspects when making my homemade pizzas , a slow but forward progression. I made about 5 total finally using 2 pizza stones, I def can notice the difference between not u... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted 6 months ago

Master Dough just sweats me crazy

Hi there,
I need help with Tony s master dough.
Although I strictly keep to his recipe, this master dough it's really hard to work with:
it is wet, sticky and does not at all look like the doughs... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted 8 months ago