One of my first Margheritas ever made

Not so long time ago I added the post about my first electric pizza-oven ever. And here's one of my first Margheritas. What do you think, guys? Does it look good enough?
Used classical AVPN dough re... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted over 2 years ago

Struggling to get decent results

Hi All,

New to this site but have been trying to make authentic pizza at home for a couple of years now.

After a bit of research I think the main issue is my oven just wont get hot enough. The... (more)

James K.
posted 26 days ago

Affordable Pizza Oven

I'm new to this forum and still trying to get my pizza right. I use 00 flour. The thing is, this post is not to discuss pizza dough making techniques (that will come later). This post has to do wit... (more)

Gaetano Cammorata
posted over 2 years ago