Affordable Pizza Oven

I'm new to this forum and still trying to get my pizza right. I use 00 flour. The thing is, this post is not to discuss pizza dough making techniques (that will come later). This post has to do wit... (more)

Gaetano Cammorata
posted 7 months ago

One of my first Margheritas ever made

Not so long time ago I added the post about my first electric pizza-oven ever. And here's one of my first Margheritas. What do you think, guys? Does it look good enough?
Used classical AVPN dough re... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted 4 months ago


Does anyone have any recommendations for a gas deck pizza oven for a food truck? I will be making New York Style pizzas and I would like to cook them @ at least 650°. It would be nice to be able to c... (more)

Dale J.
posted 3 days ago