Transferring pizza to oven

As a novice pizza maker I find it really hard to transfer my pizza to the oven. Especially after I've loaded it up with ingredients.
I've tried using cornmeal and flour, but it makes an awful mess ... (more)

Jason Shugars
posted about 5 years ago

is it safe to use? Or should it be discarded?

I recently purchased a 16x18 pizza peel from

The peel arrived today, but upon taking it out of the box, I noticed that the 'top' surface of the peel has a strange blue-sapphire col... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted over 2 years ago

How can I prevent my dough from sticking to my pizza peel?

I'm having trouble getting my dough off the peel and into the oven. In the best case, it sticks a little and the shape gets messed up by the time it ends up in the oven. In the worst case, it's an ... (more)

Marcos F.
posted about 5 years ago