Pizza not stretching properly

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to find my way to the ultimate pizza recipe.
However I don't seem to be able to create a pizza that can be stretched with the knuckles without breaking.

The gluten wi... (more)

Djellel D.
posted about 4 years ago

Scaled Master Recipe Double Check

First time scaling up a recipe using the percentages. Essentially, I'm looking to take the Master Recipe Without Starter and make 3 pizzas with it since that's what our family typically eats, but my ... (more)

Jay B.
posted almost 4 years ago

New England Style Greek Recipe

I grew up on New England Greek Style pizzas and am quite fond of it. I'm looking for an accurate recipe to reproduce it. Can someone share please?

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 5 years ago

Has any one tried the Mozza recipe?

Has any one tried the Pizzeria Mozza recipe that's in the Mozza cookbook and also available on the web?

Andrew T.
posted almost 5 years ago

Yeast experiment

I decided to experiment using Munton's ale yeast. I put together two identical starters on Wednesday night with the yeast being the only variable. One used the ale yeast and the other used Red Star a... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago


Did a little Easter appetizer. I usually call this pepperoni bread but I guess it is actually a stromboli or pepperoli. Master dough with starter with All Trumps and I used Red Star Champaign yeast (... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

Cast iron pan

I was reading about Pequod's Pizza in Chicago the other day so I thought I would experiment with a cast iron pan. I didn't quite follow the recipe from The Pizza Bible though. For dough I used the ma... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

Looking for a good Chicago-style thin crust recipe

I absolutely love Chicago-style thin crust pizza. Can someone share a good recipe for this style of pizza? Most of the Chicago-style recipes I'm seeing online are for deep dish. The ones I am seei... (more)

Marcos F.
posted about 5 years ago

Pizza Bible Sundays, a new FB group for sharing your creations, experiences and photos from The Pizza Bible!

I recently created a Facebook group called Pizza Bible Sundays, an open and free forum where members bake their way through The Pizza Bible.

Please join us - to share your experiences (good and ... (more)

Sharlene M.
posted over 4 years ago

No fuss, straight-up same day dough

Just mixed a pretty straight-up, same-day dough for tonight's use. No fuss about this one, no special mixing, no special rest periods, nothing. I started at 2:15pm today and it should go into the ove... (more)

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Mike K.
posted about 4 years ago

Looking for a recipe for potato crust pizza

Some time ago, almost 20 years, there was a mom and pop pizzeria near where I lived that made a potato crust pizza. It was fantastic. The crust wasn't 100% mashed potato or anything like that.

I... (more)

Derek D.
posted almost 5 years ago

What dough recipe does Tony use to cook his Tony's Pizza Napoletana Margherita?

Couple of hours ago I saw Peter Reinhart's video with Tony, where they were tossing dough outdoors. Guys, does anyone know what dough was that? It seems so elastic and soft, but still firm and strong... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted about 2 years ago

Question about Sicilian dough instructions--difference in directions WITH versus WITHOUT starter

I am interested the difference in the directions between the preparation of the Sicilian dough WITH starter and the Sicilian dough WITHOUT starter.

With the Sicilian dough WITH the starter, the do... (more)

Ken K.
posted almost 5 years ago