Does type of salt really matter?

Does the type of salt you use matter when making pizzas? I know that table salt is consider to be at the bottom of the pecking order, but in general, does the type of salt really matter?

Joseph H.
posted almost 5 years ago

Timing of salt in master dough

Can someone explain to me why the salt is added prior to the 20 minute rest period in the master dough with starter recipe and not after the rest period? Does adding salt before the rest period affec... (more)

Robert R
posted over 3 years ago

SALUTE to the P-Unit!

Big Congrats to Tony and team on another successful Pizza Expo in Vegas!

Matt with the big WIN! Bringing home another trophy to Capos.

Another pizza night well done i think.

Made Master... (more)

posted over 3 years ago