Dough appears too thin upon stretching

Have been meticulously following directions from the Pizza Bible in making New York style and Cal-Italia pizzas. Both have turned out fabulous. Although it all works out, my dough is almost transpare... (more)

Raymond R.
posted almost 5 years ago

Pizza not stretching properly

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to find my way to the ultimate pizza recipe.
However I don't seem to be able to create a pizza that can be stretched with the knuckles without breaking.

The gluten wi... (more)

Djellel D.
posted almost 4 years ago

Thin crust shaped dough thickness

Progress is slow but with the caveat that we are certainly not making pizza daily! I am still working with the master recipe, using 1/2 of the recipe to make an approximately 13" pizza. The is abou... (more)

Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

dough-ball skin up or dough-ball skin down?

Hi pizza loving community!
im cooking my home pizzas in a wood fired oven and wondering if it mattered which way the dough-ball should be on the cooking stone floor be once stretched out from when i... (more)

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Daniel Borg
posted over 1 year ago

Neapolitan-style - Pizza Screen?

Hi Fellow Pizzamakers,

I've been using Tony's Napoletana method for several months.
When I push out the balls (approx 250g in weight) to a diameter of 30cm approx, some of the base is extremely ... (more)

Thumb basque flag
Carlo Showalter
posted about 4 years ago

Handling and stretching doughs from Pizza Bible

Hi there,

I bought the PB a couple of months back and have so far only tried out the master dough and neapolitan dough (for use with my new wood fired oven :-) ).

Compared to doughs I've tried ... (more)

Byron Buck
posted over 2 years ago

Is it bad to stretch dough using a rolling pin?

I've heard that it's bad to use a rolling pin to stretch out pizza dough. If I don't use a rolling pin, I have a hard time getting the dough thin enough. What are the pros and cons? Thanks.

Dan Lee
posted about 5 years ago

Didn't turn out too bad

Made three pizzas today. One Margherita using the simple sauce from Alta Cucine tomatoes that I asked about earlier, a NY style plain and a pepperoni. The dough was made from All Trumps using a start... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

crust ruptures

I have tried the book's Master Class pizza several times, but the dough gets very thin no matter how careful I am with stretching. Sometimes the crust ruptures while baking and the cheese drips thro... (more)

Ken N.
posted almost 5 years ago

Cal-Italia pizza and stretching

Last night, my family visited Tony's at Graton with the sole purpose of tasting the pizza. As expected all the pizza was superb however my family really enjoyed the Cal-Italia pie. The Pizza Bible i... (more)

Raymond R.
posted almost 5 years ago

Dough keeps shrinking whenever I stretch it

My dough is very elastic and keeps shrinking whenever I try to stretch it. The end result is tasty, but the shape is off and my pizzas are smaller and thicker than I'd like.

When I watch dough ... (more)

Jason Shugars
posted about 5 years ago

000 flour Vs All purpose

Hi all, I've gone from living in the UK to the north east of Brazil and my flour choices are very limited! Most pizzarias use all purpose flour but in fairness they are all terrible and in my experim... (more)

Damien B.
posted almost 4 years ago