How thick is Tiga Starter from the Pizza Bible?

I am in the process of making a Tiga for the pizza dough with starter. The Pizza Bible says it will be thick. Is it thick like a little pizza dough?

Mark S.
posted over 4 years ago

Difference in flavor/texture between Poolish and Tiga?

First off, I wanted to say big thank you to Tony and the team for making a great book! I've made the master dough with poolish last weekend and baked on two stones at 570F. Came out fantastic - defin... (more)

Alex L.
posted over 2 years ago

Another batch using AT flour

Tried my best to open them up perfect heh practice practice!

I must say I am completely blow away in the quality of the crumb and overall crust/dough just using all trumps, my family and I really ... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago