Uuni 2 wood fired pizza oven

So I decided to go ahead and purchase the Uuni 2 oven. Took about 25 minutes to build. Sure looks beautiful. I'll be testing it tomorrow night to see how the pies come out. Stay posted!

Nicolas Rodriguez
posted almost 5 years ago

Rise Pizzeria

Yesterday, I went to a new-ish pizzeria called Rise Pizzeria. It's one town over in Burlingame, CA. I got a fancy new camera, so I'm excited to share the pics. :-)

There seem to be a number o... (more)

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 3 years ago

Uuni 2 Wood Fired Oven

This oven is fueled by wood pellets and wood pellets seem to be the only thing that works with this oven. Wood chips burn to fast and don't heat the oven well and chunks of wood die out with in minut... (more)

Nicolas Rodriguez
posted almost 5 years ago

Outdoor pizza ovens

I am currently interested in buying a wood fire stainless steel outdoor pizza oven any pro or cons? Open for any suggestions. Also is it better to go with stone or steel?

Darryl W.
posted over 2 years ago

Mixing APF and 00

I am hoping to open a pizza shop near a whole bunch of college kids this summer before school starts again. I would love tons of delivery business so the pizza must hold its structure and crispiness.... (more)

Andrew A.
posted over 2 years ago

dough-ball skin up or dough-ball skin down?

Hi pizza loving community!
im cooking my home pizzas in a wood fired oven and wondering if it mattered which way the dough-ball should be on the cooking stone floor be once stretched out from when i... (more)

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Daniel Borg
posted over 1 year ago

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Today, I came across a new oven under development called the Roccbox. While I haven't tried it, I wanted to share it because of how promising it looks, and also because of how useful it will probabl... (more)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago

regulating the flame in my Uuni

Hi all,
My first post here:
I've now made about 40 pizzas in my Uuni and I am beginning to come to grips with the salient issue at the center of the problem.
Certainly, the Uuni heats up well and ... (more)

Tom G.
posted about 3 years ago

We built our own cob/pizza oven in the back yard. I prefer using sourdough yeast only anyone doing that too? Home made cheese & Pestos

Here is my bog post about the oven:

Pam Kellstrom
posted about 4 years ago

Portable Pizza Oven

I am looking into buying a wood fired or a propane mobile pizza oven to do large parties/catering/farmers markets. Any suggestions on a high quality mobile pizza oven?

Thank you :)

Jeff S.
posted about 3 years ago


I've been using the master dough recipe for my pizzas with great success, I have cooked them in my home oven. I'm thinking of upgrading and buying a good wood fired pizza oven. That being said should... (more)

Bradley D.
posted about 2 years ago

55lb bag of Caputo

I recently visited my local Shamrock FoodService Warehouse and found 55lb bags of Caputo Pizzeria flour for $40. I realize this may be too much flour for some people, but wanted to put it out there i... (more)

posted over 2 years ago

Uuni wood fired oven?

Posting to see if anyone here has heard of or owns one of these little ovens. One of my friends told me about this just recently and I'm a little bent on whether to try it or not.

What do y'all t... (more)

Nicolas Rodriguez
posted almost 5 years ago