Has anyone tried this?

I was reading an article in the recent edition of Pizza Today magazine in which the author of the article mentioned using the same yeast as would be used to make lager beer. The idea being that it wa... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 9 months ago

how much yeast

If I'm going to make dough this morning for a pizza tonight but didn't have time to do a longer bulk ferment and need a decent fermentation time (7-8 hours), what percentage of yeast is good for a sl... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 6 months ago

Type of yeast to use


Here in the UK (or at least where I live in the UK!), I find it easier to get hold of fresh yeast than active dry yeast (well, quality stuff anyway). So this has me wondering whether I can jus... (more)

Byron Buck
posted about 2 months ago

Poolish yeast proofing

While following the instructions for creating poolish I encountered some problems. The first step is to add 1/3 of 1/8 teaspoon active dry yeast to 47g cold tap water. Then whisk the two together for... (more)

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David P.
posted over 2 years ago

How long is fresh yeast good stay good for?

How long will fresh yeast stay good?

Noah L.
posted over 2 years ago

Idy vs active yeast block

Do you think that active block yeast is better or does it affect the dough vs idy

Johnny R.
posted about 3 years ago

Active dry yeast vs. instant yeast

Just curious if someone can educate me in the difference in instant yeast and active dry yeast. Which is better to use? Some recipes call for one some call for the other. Thanks!

Ryan W.
posted almost 2 years ago

Does active dry yeast produce better flavor than instant yeast?

I've always been under the impression that active dry yeast and instant dry yeast produce a very similar result in terms of flavoring, and that the only difference was one needed to be activated befo... (more)

Richard D.
posted about 3 years ago

Source for fresh yeast?

It seems like fresh yeast is getting harder to find. The regular grocery store I normally go to used to have it but not anymore. Nowhere else I have looked carries it either. I haven't looked for it ... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago

Instant Dry Yeast vs. Active Dry Yeast

I previously posted about Instant Yeast versus Active Yeast and wanted to follow up with some findings and a question.

I had read that the end result of using active yeast is more flavorful than ... (more)

Richard D.
posted almost 3 years ago

Tips on using a starter instead of dry yeast

I've never made dough with a starter before and am about to give it a try. I'm curious to hear what other people's experiences have been. Should I create my own or purchase one? Is it worth the ex... (more)

Nadia B.
posted about 3 years ago

Is there a difference between Instant Dry Yeast and Rapid Rise Yeast?

The pizza recipe I'm making calls for instant dry yeast, but all I can find at the local supermarket is Fleischmann's RapidRise yeast. Are these two interchangeable?

William Hipps
posted about 3 years ago

Grandma style pizzas and brewers yeast experiment

Made the two grandma style pizzas today. Both using the exact same dough made from All Trumps except one used regular Red Star Yeast and the other used Munton's ale yeast. They definitely smelled dif... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago

What brand of active dry yeast is recommended?

Hi Pizza Lovers,

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what type of active dry yeast you would recommend I use.

Also, how long does yeast last for. I bake pizza every second week so don't use ... (more)

Ian Nicholson
posted 12 months ago

Yeast amount and effect on fermentation

Maybe I'm drawing the wrong conclusion here, but...

Based on something I was reading in Tony's book, I was getting the impression that a good reason to not use much yeast is that it will allow the... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted almost 2 years ago

Alternative yeast types

Anyone ever use anything besides regular active dry yeast or fresh yeast? I have been using red star but I recently ended up with some brewing yeast and champaign yeast. I know they are strains that ... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago

Any diastatic malt alternatives?

Hi, guys!
I've got a serious problem: I can't find any malt powder in Russia and Ukraine. Same here for malted flours. So, the question is: are there any more or less adequate and still well working... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted 9 months ago

how much?

Due to an unexpected invitation, I'm being asked to make a pizza tonight and I do not have time to do a decent 'cold' ferment, if I use about 9-9.5 ounces of flour, how much yeast should I use to ge... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 7 months ago

Yeast experiment

I decided to experiment using Munton's ale yeast. I put together two identical starters on Wednesday night with the yeast being the only variable. One used the ale yeast and the other used Red Star a... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 2 years ago

Over-fermented starter?

I've been making my master dough with poolish these past weeks with good results. And I often use sourdough starter (100% hydration) as well with similar results. But the thing with using sourdough s... (more)

Yoppi Tan
posted almost 2 years ago